15 May 2019

Synack Honored as CNBC Disruptor 50 for the 4th time

Monica Armand

We are excited to announce that Synack, the most trusted crowdsourced security platform, has been named as a 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 for the fourth time. Synack is proud to consistently be recognized as a market leader and this prestigious CNBC award is an acknowledgment of the impact Synack has on strengthening the security posture of an impressive list of enterprise customers.  Our customers call our human-AI platform the best of both worlds. It’s the first security platform to offer seamless integration of human intelligence and artificial intelligence at a continuous 24/7/365 cadence. With our AI-enabled continuous testing model, we have secured close to $1 trillion in Fortune 500 revenue, 75% of the top credit card companies, top 10 consulting firms and security companies, and over 50% of federal cabinet-level agencies.

To celebrate our fourth time on the Disruptor 50 list, we felt it would be fitting to highlight four Synack disruptions from this past year:

  • Created a new Gartner category: Synack helped define and pave the way for Gartner’s Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform (CSSTP) category that was released last year. Furthermore, Synack was the only security company profiled in the Application Crowdtesting Services category, highlighting our long term vision of where we believe the security industry should be going.
  • Developed the industry’s first Attacker Resistance Score: Historically, it’s been difficult to measure an organization’s security strength and improvement over time.  The Attacker Resistance Score helps organizations measure and understand their security from a hacker’s perspective. Synack’s new metric disrupted the way organizations presented the security of their organization to their security executives and boards.
    Synack gathered and analyzed our unique crowdsourced penetration testing data based on thousands of tests on assets owned by hundreds of companies across nine industries to generate an industry-disrupting, first of its kind report to actually quantify organizations’ trust at the asset level, from a hackers’ perspective, and measure security performance over time.
  • Secured the Election: Synack launched the “Secure the Election” initiative, a bipartisan effort to bring together the best American security talent and tools to help American states build their attacker resistance. During the months leading up to the midterm elections, Synack offered pro bono crowdsourced security testing services to any state that wanted to harden its election system against attack. Throughout the campaign, Synack partnered with 10 states to get a hacker-powered perspective on their security. Synack is committed to securing the American Way and helping states to address their vulnerabilities, which is why we will continue to disrupt elections by bringing crowdsourced security testing to help secure our elections through the 2020 Presidential election, a $550k pro-bono commitment that has grown to >$1 million total.
  • Launched Synack Missions to streamline security testing in continuous software deployment models: This past year, Synack launched Missions, the first tasking technology to direct a crowd towards specific activities. Applied to penetration testing, Missions provides structured testing methodologies to its customers for strict adherence to compliance standards such as PCI and NIST. “Synack took the unstructured way that crowdsourcing normally worked and added a controlled and defined method of using the crowd,” said Jay Kaplan, CEO and Co-founder of Synack. However, compliance is just the first use case for a product feature that can vector a crowd towards targeted activities. Missions will continue to disrupt and open up new security applications for the AI-enabled platform.

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