17 July 2014

Synack at Black Hat USA and DEF CON

Mark Kuhr

Black Hat USA and DefCon are just around the corner, and Synack has a lot planned!

Black Hat has a new exhibit space this year; Innovation City has been set aside for startups with cool ideas that are changing the security game.  We’d love to see you, and to chat about how adding a private crowd of researchers can change the way you think about attack surfaces.  Want to set up a meeting with some of our researchers?  Contact TonyG, and he’ll make it happen for you.

Synack is also excited to present Black Hat and DefCon attendees with original new research during the week. First up, on Thursday, August 7th, I am delivering a talk with Jake Kouns of Risk Based Security at Black Hat USA. We will be discussing how one vulnerability can actually be more than one vulnerability; as the spread of open source software leads to an increased attack surface in the enterprise, IT administrators are faced with patching the same bug multiple times. I hope you will join us as we look at OpenSSL as well as several other third party libraries that have the potential for equal or greater mass casualties in our talk titled, “Epidemiology of Security Vulnerabilities: A Study of Attack Surface Spread.

DefCon is your security conference of choice?  Like reverse engineering, hardware hacking, or malware? Then you’ll want to check out Colby Moore and Patrick Wardle from the Synack Research team talking about how they reverse engineered a video monitoring device to enable persistent malware infection in their presentation, “Optical Surgery: Implanting a DropCam.”  They’re taking the stage Sunday morning.

You’ll be at B-Sides Las Vegas?  Patrick, Colby and I will be there too.  DefCon CTF?  We can’t wait to see the competition for ultimate pwnage!  Current Synack Red Team Member?  You know we are planning cool stuff for you too.  Be sure to follow the @SynackRedTeam on Twitter for updates…

See you in Vegas!