Synack Core Values
26 August 2019

Serving the Best with the Best: Synack Announces Productivity Assessment Program

Ryan Rutan

When Synack was founded in 2013, we set out to change the security testing industry by building an elite platform and a trusted network of crowdsourced security researchers to test the world’s most hardened and mature targets. Over the years, Synack has observed significant changes in the crowdsourced security industry, and one such change has been the profound impact this industry has had on the lives of individual security researchers. We’ve seen researchers utilize their strengths and grow incredibly in new skill sets to ascend the ranks of their security organizations and in some cases pursue full-time independent security research. We’ve seen many who have honed their skills and made extra income with part-time research on nights and weekends. In 2018, Synack quietly paid the millionth dollar to a single security researcher on our platform. The crowdsourced security industry is alive as ever, and we are excited to witness its competitive and creativity-fueled spirit further impact the lives of all security researchers.

Synack is proud to be the leader of the crowdsourced security space and advance the industry beyond providing basic crowdsourced bug bounty programs and leaderboards. With platform innovations like Attacker Resistance Score, Missions and SmartScan, we are bolstering customer confidence in their ability to scale and effectively reduce their security risk. We’re also making it easier for researchers to predict their personal income stream and helping them become more efficient on the platform.

Since 2013, Synack has striven to deliver hacker-powered security without compromise for the collective benefit of our customers and our researchers. We’re always thinking about how we can deliver the best security with the best security talent. Synack customers trust that the research being conducted on their assets is safe, effective, and controlled. Synack Red Team members trust that they have the best opportunities to work on interesting targets, their work will be legally protected, and that they will be paid fairly and promptly.

Synack Core Values

One of the keys to delivering the best crowdsourced testing in the industry is our commitment to limiting researcher access to our platform to the world’s best ethical researchers. We do this by having intensive application, screening, and monitoring processes that accept only the best researchers (no bots!) who have proven their ability to deliver high-value security insights while mitigating risk during their testing procedures.

This commitment to our customers and researchers requires a high bar for quality and performance, which is why we’ve decided to launch an SRT Productivity Assessment Program. (Deadline September 1st, 2019)

The SRT Productivity Assessment Program is an annual program which reviews the engagement and impact of individual SRT members contributions on the Synack platform. We look at the trailing 18 months of researcher activity and set a minimum level of engagement and contribution based on a formula that factors in target capacity, saturation and fairness to all Synack researchers. Researchers are reminded 45 days in advance of the program deadline that their engagement will be evaluated. Those that fail to meet or exceed the minimum expected performance levels will have the chance for further review by the Synack Community team. Possible review actions may include offers of additional training, required re-evaluation of skills, removal from specialty targets and/or respectful removal from the Synack Red Team. (If removed, SRT will have the ability to re-apply in 6 months.)

We are confident that this program will further strengthen the prestigious SRT brand and serve to benefit high performing and contributing members of the Synack Red Team. It will also help us continue to deliver the highest end-to-end levels of value and security for Synack’s customers. We are committed to maintaining the stamp of quality that the Synack Red Team stands for – both for the researchers that are talented enough to be part of it and for the customers who choose to partner with the very best!

Synack holds all of its Synack Red Team researchers, past and present, in the highest regard and respect for helping grow this industry and making the world a safer and more secure place. Many of you have earned a spot on our wall of honor. Make no mistake: Your contributions make a difference, and for that, we thank each and every one of you.

Notifications will go out to all SRT impacted by the productivity assessment no later than September 15th, 2019. If there are any SRT that have questions about their current status, after September 15th, they are welcome to inquire by filing a help ticket, or emailing [email protected] and our support team will be happy to assist.

Ryan Rutan
Director, Community