Join Synack at RSA
12 April 2018

RSA 2018 — Join Synack at Ground Zero for Crowdsourced Security


As you hear from renowned security leaders talk about their new research discoveries and as you consider innovative and forward-thinking approaches for your information security at RSA Conference, we hope you take some time to eat, relax, and party with Synack…The week is long, you’ll need it!

This year at RSA, Team Synack will be stationed at Fogo de Chao — just 98 steps from the Moscone Center. Join us at “Ground Zero” for crowdsourced security.

A Sneak Peek from Synack:

  • Learn about the Landscape of Crowdsourced Security Testing…How has the industry evolved to now freely invite outside hackers into their systems? Where do the crowdsourced security testing offerings differ? What are the building blocks of a zero compromise security strategy?
  • A New Way to Measure and Improve Your Security Risk… How can you see your attack surface through a hacker’s eyes? What’s your Attacker Resistance? How can you make it better?
  • Network with the full gamut of the security community…Hackers and CISOs, Male and Female, Private sector and Public, Tech, Finance, Healthcare. Meet and learn from people in all points and corners of infosec.

The full list of Synack presentations and events for RSA 2018:


SRT HackerHangout
Special Edition HackerHangout for our Top Synack Red Team members!
Invite Only
San Francisco


Synack CISO Lounge: Kick Back With Us
10AM – 4PM
Fogo de Chão, 201 3rd St, San Francisco

Synack Ciso Lounge

Join us at the Synack CISO Lounge

Available to all CISOs attending RSA — Join us any time for complimentary food, top-shelf drinks, WiFi, power and comfortable couches.


Synack CISO Lunch: 3 CISOs & A Russian Hacker
11:30AM – 1PM
Fogo de Chão, 201 3rd St, San Francisco

Synack CISO Lunch

CISOs from Domino’s, Herbalife, and Santander and a Russian hacker will talk about how they fight off the adversary by harnessing a crowd of vetted hackers. Delicious food, great drinks, and a new hacker-powered perspective. Moderated by Ed Amoroso, Founder, TAG Cyber and former CISO of AT&T.

When in Russia: Hacking Vice Abroad
1PM – 1:45PM
Moscone Center, San Francisco

Mikhail Sosonkin Patrick Wardle

Presentation by SRT members Mikhail Sosonkin and Patrick Wardle.
“Can you hack our producer while she is in Russia?” And so began our adventure. An adventure that ended with hotel room cards, safe passcodes, beaconing implants and access to webcam streams, credit cards and much, much more. This talk will peer behind the curtain, describing exactly how (with explicit permission) we were able to travel to Russia to fully compromise our target.

Annual Government-Only Event: A Crowd You Can Trust
3PM – 4PM
Fogo de Chão, 201 3rd St, San Francisco

RSA Federal Event

Fellow government cyber leaders at RSA will gather for the annual closed-door, government-only discussion on crowdsourced security, hosted by Synack Government. Government innovators will share their experiences building a crowdsourced security testing program that they can trust – with zero compromise.

Party without Compromise: Synack’s “If I Were A Betting CISO” RSA Party
5PM – 8PM
Fogo de Chão, 201 3rd St, San Francisco

Synack RSA Party

We don’t compromise on our security or our parties. High-stakes casino games and top-shelf whiskey to help celebrate the launch of Synack’s newest feature.


Synack & Microsoft Ventures Annual Women in Security Lunch: The Courageous Woman CISO
12PM – 1:30PM
Fogo de Chão, 201 3rd St, San Francisco

RSA Women in Security

Synack and Microsoft Ventures invite female security leaders to be on the forefront in advocating for innovative measures that will lead organizations to real security. Female security leaders and Silicon Valley executives will chat about pragmatic ways to win the war against cyber threats.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco next week for RSA 2018! Stay tuned for more details on our new product launch, recorded webinars from the session led by SRT Mikhail and Patrick, and RSA highlights after the event!