20 December 2018

Hacking Our Way to Bali and Beyond


Jumping off waterfalls, riding ATVs through the jungle, shredding ocean waves — if this doesn’t sound like the trip of a lifetime, we don’t know what is. A handful of our top SRT joined us on the Synack HackerHangout™ trip to Bali, Indonesia this December thanks to their stellar performances in our fall #Hack4Levels challenge. It was such a blast to bring together Synack Red Team Level 0x04s and 0x05s from around the world for some fun adventures. Our adventure led us deep into the jungle of Ubud, Bali, and even deeper into our clients’ digital assets. It’s amazing what some of the world’s best hackers can achieve in a few days!

High Stakes for the #Hack4Levels Challenge

This fall, we ran a 40-day #Hack4Levels competition on our platform. The competition awarded points to SRT for valid vulnerabilities, Missions completed and for unique vulnerability categories submitted. Every SRT who placed in the competition demonstrated a variety of skills to conduct their exploits which ultimately earned them top spots on the #Hack4Levels leaderboard! We announced that the grand prize would be awarded to the Top 10 hackers of the competition: an all-inclusive Synack HackerHangout™ trip to Bali

These 10 SRT who came out on top contributed to a 15% increase in findings within the competition’s 40 day timeframe along with increasing their personal contributions by 4 vulnerabilities a week on average! There is no doubt that the competition itself brought a level of excitement and energy that we were excited to match once we got to Bali.
#Hack4Levels Fall 2018 Leaderboard

Synack HackerHangout™: Bali

While in Bali, the SRT trekked through the jungle in ATVs, surfed perfect waves, and jumped off 40-foot waterfalls, but they also had some important hacking to do on an exclusive Synack customer target.

This was an onsite live hacking event. Despite all of the new adventures and experiences, our cohort was able to find deep-level vulnerabilities on our client’s target. Thanks to the fact that everyone was together and hacking as a team, this group of top SRT found numerous vulnerabilities which equated to fruitful payouts! The teaming, which was done on-site, allowed our SRT to escalate to 14 vulnerabilities – which would have not been addressed had the team not been there together and in-person! We chalk the success of the live hacking event up to information sharing and teamwork; it would not have been possible if everyone was at home hacking alone!

“Two people’s eyes/brains are better than one…I would have missed a lot of the vulnerabilities if I was soloing [working alone]. When you share ideas and some low vulnerabilities you find on the target… you can help others chain these with their own findings and construct a nice POC.” – Synack Red Team member on “Teaming”

“We are really pleased about the results from the HackerHouse, and we still have quite a bit of work ahead on fixing the issues,” one of the customers we hosted said.

Exclusive Interviews with Top SRT

We got the chance to record some exclusive interviews with our Top SRT while in Bali. Listen in to hear about their journeys as hackers and lessons they’ve learned along the way:

Relive the Memories…And Make Your Own!

SRT in Bali collage
See more of the photos here in our online photo album.

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