22 May 2020

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Penetration Testing

Vulnerabilities are pervasive. As you may have experienced, the existing solutions that deal with assessing vulnerabilities have not scaled with increasing security threats and the size and complexity of attack surfaces. The old way of doing security has failed. Traditional security penetration testing (pen tests) is point-in-time and reliant upon one or two individuals who are performing the pen test. In some cases, penetration testing tools purely reliant on automation via noisy scanners  can miss critical issues and burden teams with noise from false positives.

Because of these shortcomings, more organizations are trusting crowdsourced ethical hackers to help with the growing demands of IT penetration testing cybersecurity in a world that is technologically complex and increasingly open to attacks. The crowdsourced approach is what will enable your organization to develop an offensive, scalable approach to security systems. Synack’s Crowdsourced Penetration test gives you 4x higher ROI than traditional penetration testing.

Combining AI and Human Intelligence

Synack offers the industry’s only penetration test to seamlessly combine crowdsourced human testing talent with proprietary AI technology for the best in penetration testing IT security effectiveness and efficiency. Our Smart Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform includes automation and augmented intelligence enhancements for greater attack surface coverage, continuous pen testing, higher efficiency, and more insight into the weaknesses that leave your digital assets vulnerable.

We recruit, vet, and retain a global network of top ethical security researchers – which make up the elite Synack Red Team (SRT), trusted by the Global 2000 and government agencies. Our testers have unparalleled experience when handling penetration testing in security.

The SRT is incentivized through a managed bug bounty model to find vulnerabilities and submit reports on their findings for verification and remediation. This unstructured security pen testing methodology mimics actual attack attempts that adversaries use to exploit vulnerabilities, providing a level of scale, speed, pragmatism, and intelligence that traditional testing models lack.

Synack augments the elite SRT to test your asset with our proprietary SmartScan Product to give you 24/7/365 continuous coverage by scanning for changes in your environment, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and engaging the SRT and Synack’s in-house Operations team to review key Suspected Vulnerabilities. Unlike traditional vulnerability scanners, the SmartScan product filters out the noise so your security team can focus on taking action based on high-quality insights.

While there is no substitute for human creativity in penetration testing, scanners are an indispensable tool for locating and identifying known vulnerability types. However, traditional vulnerability scanners are not able to learn about and distinguish exploitable vulnerabilities from the noise on the web and the cloud, and require expert reviews and triage. Too often, security teams have had to make tradeoffs and invest in affordable but less-than-ideal self-service scanning solutions to get broad attack surface coverage. Synack’s SmartScan enables, rather than burdens, security teams by scaling security pen testing and accelerating their vulnerability remediation processes, all in a single vulnerability assessment product. SmartScan is part of a continuous strategy, but alone is ideal for mid-tiered assets as it bridges the gap between a simple vulnerability scan and a traditional penetration test. It combines industry-best scanning technology, proprietary risk identification technology, and a crowd of the world’s best security researchers, the Synack Red Team (SRT) to give you 43% additional value via increased coverage from SmartScan.

As discussed, we provide an additional level of testing services through crowd-led penetration tests where the SRT researchers also proactively hunt for vulnerabilities and complete compliance checklists, such as OWASP or PCI/OWASP-based guidelines, using their own techniques to provide unparalleled human creativity and rigor. While leveraging the Synack platform to perform high-level, automated assessments of all apps and incentivizing the Synack Red Team to continuously and creatively stay engaged, Synack offers a unique coupling of our two methodologies to result in the most effective, efficient crowdsourced penetration test on the market resulting in 4x higher ROI than a traditional penetration test.

Pen Test Comparison

Technology Pillars of the Synack Platform

SmartScan — SmartScan uses a combination of scanning tools to continuously watch for changes in your environment. Synack’s proprietary, automated scanner technology continuously scans and alerts our SRT to investigate potential vulnerability findings. It adds advanced vulnerability scanning, change detection, and defensive technology detection to SRT individual tactics.

LaunchPoint® — Synack’s LaunchPoint and LaunchPoint+, our proprietary secure gateway application, and endpoint control, capture all testing traffic data, delivering trust, transparency, and auditability to the crowdsourced testing model in a secure workspace, meeting the most rigorous privacy requirements. Clients receive access to a full log of all testing activity and data analytics on-demand in the client portal.

Security Talent

Synack Red Team (SRT) — The SRT is Synack’s private network of highly-curated, skilled, and vetted security researchers from the world of security testing. This elite team, these security experts survive the most stringent combination of screening, interviews, skills testing, and vetting in the industry.

Synack Operations — The Synack Operations team is an internal team that eliminates the noise and manages every aspect of the engagement. These Ops Agents triage all SRT documentation, generate custom reports, and partner with you to define the assessment’s scope and rules of engagement, catered to how your organization sees risk.

Real Time Results

Client Portal — Synack takes comprehensive vulnerability information and testing traffic and, in real time, converts that data into meaningful dashboard and platform metrics. The entire lifecycle of a vulnerability—from suspected to reported to patched/verified—lives on the Synack Portal, giving companies and researchers a single source of real-time truth.

Custom Reports — Our audit quality reports synthesize your data and test results with hacker perspectives to provide recommendations on your security posture. This not only includes a compliance checklist for auditors, but also a detailed explanation of all vulnerabilities found, suggestions on how to fix them, and benchmarks relative to your peers.


We support multiple integrations with DevOps tools to meet enterprise requirements for internal security policies and compliance as well as optimizing security operations workflows for vulnerability management.

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