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11 June 2020

Elite Researchers Convene Again on the #Road2Tokyo

Tracy Bidot

The #Road2Tokyo Continues….. In May, as much of the world came to a standstill in the midst of a global pandemic, our Synack Red Team (SRT) took on cybersec superhero status during HackerHangout Europe. Originally slated to take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, as lockdowns rolled across our world, the event was transitioned to a virtual setting.  However, this didn’t slow down our researchers one bit. 

In the third event of our 2020 HackerHangout series, participants immersed themselves in a plethora of exciting, exclusive targets over five full days of live hacking. What was at stake, you ask? The chance to win the third spot at our upcoming #Road2Tokyo SRT grand finale HackerHangout slated for fall 2020!     

HackerHangout Europe featured 18 SRT – ten of whom earned their spots to attend via a pre-qualifying competition, along with additional invited guests. In total, participating SRT represented ten countries across Europe and Asia including Armenia, France, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Vietnam! 

While collaboration and team-spirit were on clear display throughout the event, a frontrunner quickly emerged! Ozgur Alp, a longstanding and committed Synack SRT, would claim the top spot on the leaderboard early in competition, and maintain it wire to wire. He would prevail, earning the third spot to HackerHangout Tokyo (now virtual due to COVID) – the year’s culminating event!

Throughout a competition in which targets were the main focus, our researchers displayed why they are the best of the best! Supporting one another day after day via an online communication channel, encouraging each other after long grueling days of live hacking, and cheering their fellow SRT, Dmitry Shagov, for winning the exclusive online poker tournament proved, yet again, the collaborative spirit that makes our researchers so special!  

The three regional HackerHangout – Austin, Goa and Europe – winners have now sealed their place in our live hacking record books, along with the winner of our recent #Road2Tokyo CTF – Enio Pena Navarro! Yet, additional spots for HackerHangout Tokyo still remain, to be determined over the next several weeks via the last qualifying competition of 2020 and the SRT recognition program. We look forward to seeing which SRT emerge for the final spots up for grabs in this year’s series of Hangouts!  

Didn’t get a chance to compete in one of our regional events? Stay tuned to learn how you can put your skills to the test in our next series of HackerHangouts in 2021! Details to come soon!   

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