The Synack team and Domino's CISO and VP Ethan Steiger in front of the US Capitol
16 July 2018

For Domino’s, It’s Not Just Pizza. It’s Protecting the American Way.


The Synack team and Domino's CISO and VP Ethan Steiger in front of the US Capitol

July 4, 1776 the American founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, making the United States of America a free and independent nation. Ever since, we’ve sought to protect the “American Dream” and the “American Way”. In the era of the internet, big data, and connected devices, protecting the American Way in the cybersphere is more critical than ever. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum this year, cyber attacks are one of the top 5 most pressing global risks most likely to happen.

Cyber attacks aren’t just likely to happen, they’re already happening, and at an alarming rate. You know about the Yahoo and Equifax stories and the millions of personal records that were breached between the two enterprises. You know about the Russian election meddling and state-sponsored hackers from countries like China and North Korea. Private enterprises and government agencies alike are in desperate need of scaling their defenses…

…And they are starting to figure out ways to do it successfully.

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Companies like Domino’s are rallying to preserve the American Way of life: Domino’s is not only filling in potholes to repair our streets, they’re also finding and fixing the security holes on the digital highway. “Pizza delivery and infrastructure repair go together like ham and pineapple,” says Citylab who covered the pothole story. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It’s not just physical roads that Domino’s is helping to repair; they are also proponents and advocates for repairing digital infrastructure as well.

The global leader in pizza delivery, Domino’s drives over $12 billion in global retail sales. Not only does the company make and deliver delicious pizza, they’ve successfully spearheaded a new age of convenient digital food order and delivery. Today, you can order a Domino’s pizza through a smartphone app or a tweet. Perhaps not coincidentally, 65% of Domino’s pizza sales are now digital.

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Domino’s knows that their customers are trusting them to keep personal information and digital transactions safe, which is why they opt for a cyber defense that matches the innovation and agility of their own business model. The pizza company has adopted crowdsourced security, because they know that the model could provide effectiveness, efficiency and control that traditional models have failed to deliver on. “There are comforts with Synack. I know I’m not taking unnecessary risks,” Domino’s CISO and VP said.

  • Efficiency: Domino’s can augment and scale their own team’s efforts without unnecessary operational burden. Synack vets the hackers, triages vulnerability submissions, pays out bounties, and helps verify patches so Domino’s doesn’t have to.
  • Effectiveness: Domino’s doesn’t just rely on Synack to help them find and fix vulnerabilities. They also get real-time intelligence from Synack testing to help them manage and reduce their security risk.
  • Control: Domino’s decides how they want to activate the crowd; they have clear visibility into all testing activity and full ownership of all vulnerability findings and IP.

Not only has Domino’s adopted crowdsourced security for themselves, but they’re advocating for it in Congress so that the US government will adopt it too. Domino’s CISO and VP Ethan Steiger joined the Synack Government team in DC last week to share experiences, insights, and tips to congressional staffers who were curious about how crowdsourced security worked in practice. “Synack is our last chance to find something before we move it to the internet,” Steiger said in the briefing. Government security leaders took note. When devices are connected or when data is being held in systems connected to the internet, it doesn’t matter if it’s pizza or it’s a weapon system…Everything that will be online should be tested and probed by a crowd ethical hackers before it’s deployed.

Cybersecurity today in 2018 is not held in the same regard as it was just a few years ago. The realm of cyber is no longer “doom and gloom”, because innovative and actionable security solutions are hitting the market and proving their effectiveness. Domino’s is leading the game in implementing actionable security by ushering in a crowd of ethical hackers. The next step is encouraging legislators to allow for the implementation of crowdsourced security through new cybersecurity legislation and more mainstream adoption by both the private secret and the public sector alike in order to protect Americans and the American way of life.

The Synack team and CISO/VP of Domino's Ethan Stieger advocating for crowdsourced cybersecurity in the US Capitol

For the full summary of what was discussed in DC, and the takeaways you should know before establishing a crowdsourced security program, read the full write-up here: