11 July 2018

Cyber Warriors and Pizza on Capitol Hill with Rep. Ted Lieu & Synack


Advocating for Hacker-Powered Cybersecurity. Shawn Turskey (US Cyber Command), Rep Ted Lieu (33rd District of California), Mark Kuhr (Synack), Ethan Steiger (Domino's)

Protecting the American way of life is the US Government’s top job. In the era of the internet, big data, and connected devices, protection for Americans in the cybersphere is more critical than ever. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum this year, cyber attacks are one of the top 5 most pressing global risks most likely to happen.

Unfortunately, our traditional model of cyber defense is not working. While federal cyber investments increased 162% from 2006 to 2018, the number of federal cyber incidents were increasing at a rate of 1512% from 2006 to 2016.  (Source:  GAO Report on Information Security, FISMA Annual Report to Congress, Morgan Stanley Blue Paper on Cybersecurity, Synack Analysis)  Furthermore, our nation doesn’t have the talent we need. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, 3.5M cyber positions will be unfilled by 2021.

When cybersecurity solutions aren’t doing what it takes to protect American people, the time is ripe for action. Synack took to Washington D.C. recently to hold a closed briefing for congressional staffers on crowdsourced security. This approach is not new; it has been widely adapted by the Department of Defense, including the Air Force and Army and its success in the Pentagon has provided a strong use case for civilian agencies as well. What sets Synack apart is a closed, managed approach to security that mimics criminal adversaries, and has proven its effectiveness and efficiency to the private and public sectors alike.

Convening a Bipartisan Briefing on how Crowdsourced Security Protects the American Way

A Bipartisan Briefing on how Crowdsourced Security Protects the American Way

Our diverse panel of experts did not hold back showing strong passion to protect the American way of life. Congressman Lieu, the US Government’s Executive Director of Cyber Command, Shawn Turskey, Domino’s Pizza VP & CISO Ethan Steiger, and Synack’s very own CTO & Co-Founder, Mark Kuhr, shared their conviction to preserve the American way of life by adopting the right crowd of trusted hackers on a technology platform that puts the customer in control.

Rep. Ted Lieu made the case for instituting crowdsourced security as the testing standard across agencies through bipartisan legislation such as Hack Your State Department Act. As security leaders, Turskey and Steiger highlighted how crowdsourced security improves security and ROI when done in the right way. The briefing answered the questions:

  • What processes and controls should be put in place to garner maximum control from crowdsourced security programs?
  • How do I reduce my security risk without introducing new risk into the system through crowdsourcing?
  • How do I integrate crowdsourced security into my operations to augment and accelerate my security team’s efforts?

Curious about what was discussed? Congressman Lieu summarizes in his own words:

For the full summary of what was discussed, and the takeaways your agency should know before establishing a crowdsourced security program, read the full write-up here: