18 August 2015

Back from BlackHat & DefCon 23!

Mark Kuhr

This year among Black Hat’s record-breaking turnout of 11,000 of the industry’s most security-savvy professionals, Synack’s presence was felt far and wide. With two presentations given at Black Hat, four at DEFCON 23 by our internal Research & Development group, event sponsorships, helicopter rides over Las Vegas, and gun range excursions, the Synack team worked hard to show you who we are as a company and the impact we bring.

Here’s a roundup of our talks, photos of company happenings, and a compilation video:

Black Hat 2015 Talks

DEFCON 23 Talks

Black Hat 2015 / Patrick Wardle Black Hat 2015 / Colby Moore


While these were some of the highlights for us, share with us on twitter (@Synack) what your favorite sessions or activities were!