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20 December 2019

Announcing the 2020 Synack #Road2Tokyo HackerHangout Competition

Rajesh Krishnan

You may have heard of the Synack HackerHouse in exotic destinations like Cabo, Bali or Costa Rica, but you’ve never seen one like the 2020 Synack #Road2Tokyo HackerHangout!

In 2020, three regional HackerHangout competitions and one online CTF will feed into a grand HackerHangout event to be held this summer in Tokyo, Japan – the home of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The three regions represent the 80+ countries in the world that are home to Synack Red Team members. They are the:

  • HackerHangout – Austin 2020 Edition
  • HackerHangout – Goa 2020 Edition
  • HackerHangout – “Europe” 2020 Edition
  • Grand Event: Synack #Road2Tokyo HackerHangout Competition

Synack HackerHangout 2020 image

Here’s how it works:

First, competitions are held to see who from around the world will go to each regional HackerHangout. These qualifying competitions – lasting several weeks – are about finding the best SRT who are most worthy. In the early rounds you get money (and points) for finding vulnerabilities in Synack customers as part of our regular security testing. The SRT with the most points will receive an invite to their HackerHangout. For example, Synack Red Team (SRT) members from North America and South America compete for a chance to earn a trip to the Austin HackerHangout. For better balance, Indian, African, Australian, and any SRT who happen to move to Antarctica will compete for a seat at the Goa HackerHangout. The rest of the world (Europe and non-India Asia) will compete together for a trip to Europe.

At each HackerHangout, we’ll have great fresh targets for live hacking with money, points and reputation at stake. In some locations, Synack customers will witness as their assets get tested by the best of the Synack Red Team. The winners from each regional HackerHangout, and the champion of the #Road2Tokyo #CTF in June 2020 are guaranteed a spot in the final Tokyo HackerHangout. The remaining spots for Tokyo will be determined by a final qualifying competition open to all SRT, worldwide. Travel and expenses for all of these winners (the regional events, as well as the ultimate HackerHangout in Tokyo) will be paid for by Synack.

Everybody wins – SRT members get money, recognition, and travel. Synack customers get increased time and attention of our outstanding SRT researchers.

Synack is proud of its crowdsourced global network of security researchers, and we are ecstatic to offer this series of competitions, and events to the Synack Red Team community. At the Olympics, the world will send their best to Tokyo to represent their country on a global stage, and Synack plans to do the same with its elite team of ethical hackers. The winner at the HackerHangout Tokyo 2020 Olympic Edition will be crowned our 2020 SRT Grand Champion, with every right to claim the mantle of “World’s Best Hacker”.

Do you have what it takes to win?

Apply to the SRT today, and find out!

Stay tuned for more updates from the 2020 Synack #Road2Tokyo Competition!

  1. To encourage up and comers, there will be a limited number of spots available at each of the 3 regional qualifying events for local SRT. What they will receive is a chance to compete against Synack’s heavyweights and a chance for a slot in Tokyo.