17 August 2017

2017 Cyber Week Recap

Andre Gerard

We wanted to send out a recap and thanks to all of you that were able to attend and help make the Las Vegas “Cyber Week” one of our best ever! It was action-packed, with a full agenda at BlackHat, BSidesLV and DEF CON this year; with great talks, and workshops, meetups, and of course, parties with all of you!

Check out our photo gallery to relive all of the Cyber Week 2017 activities in Vegas!

David Weinman’s talk at r00tz village: Intro to Cheat Engine

Synack’s Happy Hour for Veterans post-Black Hat

Synack’s workshop at r00tz village. Hacking the Pentagon: Super Power for Good vs Evil

Mikhail Sosonkin hacks CNBC’s Aditi Roy at DEF CON 25

Hacking away at the Synack-sponsored CTF at Recon Village

Mikhail Sosonkin talks at Recon Village: Up Close and Personal – Keeping an Eye on your Mobile App

Patrick Wardle speaking at DEF CON 25

Winners of our DEF CON Challenge after their helicopter ride!

Synack hanging out at our Black Hat booth

Cheers to the epic Synack pool party at BSides LV!

The Synack team setting up our Black Hat booth

Patrick Wardle speaking to a packed house at DEF CON 25

Synack Talks

Below are a selection of a few of our talks from our accomplished Synack R&D team – A big shout out to Patrick Wardle, Mikhail Sosonkin and David Weinman!

Patrick Wardle, Chief Security Researcher:

Mikhail Sosonkin, Director of R&D:

David Weinman, R&D:

Social Media Love:

“Now @synack even got their own helicopter to uber the @SynackRedTeam 😉 That was a truly awesome ride – thanks guys!”


“Just found the booth 648 of my favorite #bugbounty platform! Thanks @synack for a first very warm welcome 🙂 #BHUSA”


“New workstation at #r00tz “How To Hack Pentagon” super interesting, kids come check it out at r00tz village @defcon”


“Great talk @H4ckerLife on hacking travel routers at DEFCON. Three DEFCON talks in one day by @synack . Represent!”


“Meeting @selenalarson @cnntech, chatting hacker stuff and teaching kids to #hack at #defcon25 #rootz #synack”



Media coverage:

  • Some of the news articles on Patrick’s Fruitfly discovery:

Hidden Mac malware designed to spy on ‘everyday people’ | CyberScoop

Creepy ‘FruitFly’ Surveillance Malware Hits American Apple Macs | Forbes

Mysterious Mac Malware Has Infected Victims for Years | Motherboard

  • Mikhail hacks Aditi Roy’s (CNBC) laptop at DEF CON.

Watch this Russian hacker break into our computer and take complete control in minutes | CNBC.

Want to Know More About Synack?

It’s become clear that Crowdsourced Penetration Testing has truly taken the security testing market by storm. In the past year, Synack was recognized as the DoD’s most trusted vendor for their “Hack the Pentagon” project. Thanks again to all of you on the Synack Red Team (SRT) who participated and helped make the project a success!

As a member of our SRT: you can leverage our specialized researcher testing and analytics platform, gain extra efficiencies, and help our customers manage their security risk ahead of the adversary. We’d love to tell you more about how the Synack Red Team platform can provide you with intriguing benefits and rewards. We are always on the lookout for the best talent in the industry, so have a deeper look and consider joining our team!