The Attacker Resistance Score

Security scores have sought the easiest metrics to measure instead of the ones that truly matter. Until now.

Synack’s Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) provides a realistic assessment and benchmark of assets’ security risk, from a hacker’s perspective.

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A Score Based in Reality, Not Guesswork

The Attacker Resistance Score (ARS) measures an asset's hardness against attack based on penetration test performance data. A data-driven score, rather than a generic hypothesis or noisy scanner results.

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Security Rating Service

  • Open-Source Data
    (including passive scans)

Scanner Score

  • Machine Data
    (active scans)

Attacker Resistance Score

  • Hacker-Powered Testing Data
  • Machine Data
  • Data Science

About the Score

The Synack Hacker-Powered Security platform provides an Attacker Resistance Score for every asset and organization that Synack tests.

ARS is calculated based on the data generated by the Synack Red Team (SRT) and proprietary technology during a crowdsourced pen test.

Attacker Resistance Score
  1. Attacker Cost

    The level of effort exerted by the Synack Red Team to find vulnerabilities
  2. Severity of Findings

    The impact and quantity of vulnerabilities discovered in an assessment
  3. SRT Skill

    Complexity of the vulns based on SRT skill required for vuln discovery
  4. Remediation Efficiency

    How efficiently identified issues are resolved

Experience the Power of Attacker Resistance

The Journey to Attacker Resistance.

Attacker Resistance Score

Modern Attack Surfaces change constantly. Continuous change requires continuous testing handling:

  1. 1. Release Software
  2. 2. Test & Find Vulnerabilities
  3. 3. Remediate & Verify
  4. 4. Release Hardened Software
  5. 5. Repeat

What You Can Achieve With ARS

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk—Harden assets against attack over time by continuously tracking performance.


Benchmark Against Peers—Compare your testing performance across assets within your organization and against other organizations.


Diagnose Readiness & Prioritize Resources—Identify weaknesses in your attack surface and prioritize weak apps for additional hardening and mitigation.

devops hygiene

Measure & Improve DevOps Security Hygiene—Gain insight into your development team’s adherence to security best practices.


CxO Reporting—Create board-level reports with meaningful metrics on your organization’s security risk.

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